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While green tea products lie at the core of ITO EN's business, the Company is active in all beverage product categories as a comprehensive beverage manufacturer. ITO EN also boasts an extensive line-up of tea leaf products and plays a leading role in the green tea market as Japan's top manufacturer.

Japanese Tea Beverages

Japanese Tea Beverages As well as our extensive Oi Ocha brand, we provide a line-up of other Japanese teas in ready-to-drink form. These include mugicha (barley tea) and sobacha (buckwheat tea). Utilizing the results of our research into the health properties of green tea, we also market a range of products recognized as "food for specified health use" (FOSHU). As Japan's top green tea beverage manufacturer, we are further expanding our market presence.

Vegetable Beverages

Vegetable beverages In 1992, ITO EN launched Jujitsu Yasai (vegetables galore), a product based on the concept of a vegetable beverage that is delicious, easy to drink, and full of nutritional benefits. We accomplished this by using a carrot base to produce a natural vegetable flavor without having to use sugar or salt, and by adding fruit juice to improve taste.
     In 2004, we introduced Ichinichibun no Yasai (a day's worth of vegetables), which contains the nutritional equivalent of 350 grams of vegetables, the daily amount recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. Jujitsu Yasai and Ichinichibun no Yasai have become long-selling vegetable beverages.

Black Tea Beverages

Black Tea Beverages Since 2009, in the black tea beverages segment, we have sold TEAS' TEA NEW YORK in Japan, a product line based on the TEAS' TEA line sold by ITO EN (North America) INC.And modified to suit the preferences of Japanese consumers, under the banner of "New black tea with a pleasant aroma and mild taste.″We introduced new flavor sensations to TEAS' TEA NEW YORK as a new black tea beverage brand, and in the coming years will strive to further establish the brand by developing an extensive product line that combines ready-to-drink beverages with tea bags and instant tea products.

Coffee Beverages

Coffee beverages Since, we have promoted the TULLY'S COFFEE line as a new high-value-added coffee beverage in a bottle-shaped can. This canned coffee, which features fresh coffee richness and aroma, was developed under the supervision of baristas from Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd., who applied advanced techniques and extensive knowledge of coffee at every stage of the process, from roasting and extraction to design. We plan to further strengthen the coffee business, both TULLY'S COFFEE brand products and the W Coffee line of canned beverages sold in vending machines, which combines flavor and functionality.

Chinese Tea Beverages

Chinese tea beverages ITO EN became Japan's first importer of oolong tea leaves in 1979, when it signed an import agreement with the China National Native Produce and Animal By-Products Import and Export Corporation, and we successfully commercialized the world's first canned oolong tea beverage in 1981. With canned oolong tea, we created new value by inaugurating the new concept of sugar-free products in the beverage market. Since then, we have continued to lead the way in the introduction of groundbreaking new products, such as jasmine tea, which is green tea scented with natural jasmine flowers that offer excellent health benefits.

Fruit Beverages

Fruit beverages The Vitamin Fruit line, a naturally nutritious drink that combines the delicious taste of fruit with the health benefits of supplementary vitamin C intake, is highly popular among health-conscious consumers. In addition to items that can be enjoyed year-round, we will continue to offer beverages available for a limited time only to provide customers with the delicious flavor of seasonal fruits.

Mineral Water

Mineral water In 2008, ITO EN entered into an agreement with Groupe DANONE of France that gave ITO EN the exclusive marketing rights in Japan for the evian brand of natural mineral water. The agreement marked our full-scale entry into the mineral water business. Japanese people love this delicious mineral water, which has just the right mineral content and provides an excellent balance of natural calcium and magnesium. We will continue to expand sales channels nationwide and vigorously engage in sales activities to promote and spread the health benefits of evian.

Functional Beverages and Other Beverages

Functional Beverages and Other Beverages ITO EN offers beverages containing beneficial ingredients, such as amino acids, calcium, dietary fiber, and vitamins that promote and maintain good health. We also offer foods with specified health benefits, such as Yogurt-Flavored Nata de Coco, which contains dietary fiber that promotes good digestion and regularity. We will continue to engage in research to develop new products that help maintain and promote health.
     ITO EN offers a variety of other beverages. Popular carbonated beverages include Natural Water Cider, a long-selling favorite at vending machines. We also aim for a broad product range and seek to boost product appeal by offering sports drinks and food in beverage form, such as Dainagon Shiruko and Tokuno Corn Pottage.

Tea Leaves (Including Tea Bags and Instant Tea Products)

Tea leaves (including tea bags and instant tea products) ITO EN has established an integrated production system covering all stages of tea production from the procurement and processing of tea leaves to packaging and sales. We continue to pursue quality improvement, engage in independent technical development of tea leaf cultivation and processing methods, and strive to develop and offer products that meet consumer needs. Japan has a low birthrate and an aging society, in which families are getting smaller and people are demanding more and more convenience. Addressing these factors, ITO EN is reinforcing its lineup to include easy-to-use mini-pack products and a series of teabag and instant tea products that offer the same delicious flavor as freshly brewed tea.

Supplements and Other

Supplements and Other ITO EN produces nutritional supplement bars, popular among healthconscious people and people on the go. In addition, we provide products that put our customers' health first, such as supplements made using ingredients traditionally considered healthy in Japan, through a collaboration with Maison Distributors, Inc., an ITO EN Group company.