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Tea Shop

ITO EN operates specialty tea shops catering to a wide range of customer needs.

Chajuttoku: Traditional Japan


ITO EN opened the first Chajuttoku tea shop in 1977. Having focused on packaged tea leaves since its founding, ITO EN created this chain of specialty stores for customers seeking a more authentic tea experience, and as a means of acquiring information on customer tastes and preferences. Our desire in Chajuttoku is to preserve and pass down the "heart and soul of Japan," as well as to provide everyone with an affluent and healthy lifestyle through tea.

Tea. Pi. O.: New Styles and Frontiers

Tea. Pi. O.

Tea. Pi. O. offers a selection of teas from around the world, promising a tea ideally suited to every mood and occasion. (The shop's name in fact reflects this idea of Time, Place and Occasion, or "TPO.") Just like the diverse range of lifestyles seen today, Tea. Pi. O. creates new ways for people to enjoy and appreciate tea, and develop their own unique tea style.

ITOEN TEA GARDEN: The Flavorful World of Tea


ITOEN TEA GARDEN is a new concept in specialty tea stores that categorizes teas by their various tastes and aromas to express the astringent, full flavor of Japanese tea, the varied aromas and flavors of Chinese tea, and the acerbic, rich tastes of black tea. The camellia (tea plant) leaf motif for the shop provides a relaxed yet elaborate design.