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ITO EN Homepage Privacy Policy

ITO EN, LTD. (hereafter, "ITO EN") pays the utmost attention to protecting the privacy of customers (hereafter, "The Customer") using the homepage operated by ITO EN (hereafter, "The ITO EN Homepage"). The ITO EN Homepage Privacy Policy is listed below.

Scope of Application of The ITO EN Homepage Privacy Policy

The ITO EN Homepage Privacy Policy is applied when The Customer uses The ITO EN Homepage. Furthermore, any personal information provided by The Customer when using The ITO EN Homepage will be managed according to The ITO EN Homepage Privacy Policy.

The ITO EN Homepage Privacy Policy does not apply to individuals and companies not directly managed by ITO EN.

The Collection and Use of Information

ITO EN requests and automatically collects personal information when The Customer uses The ITO EN Homepage and responds to sweepstakes and other advertisements.

When The Customer uses The ITO EN Homepage, ITO EN may ask the name, email address, birthday, gender, postal code, occupation, industry and personal interests, etc., of The Customer. Furthermore, depending on the type of service being used, more detailed personal information may be asked. When The Customer registers for ITO EN services and logs into these services, The Customer and the way in which The Customer uses the services become known to ITO EN.

ITO EN automatically collects The Customer's IP address, HTTP cookies, as well as pages browsed by The Customer and other information regarding the user environment of The Customer and records this information on the server.

ITO EN uses this type of information for the five main purposes below.

  • 1. To customize the advertisements and contents seen by The Customer on The ITO EN Homepage.
  • 2. To improve products and services.
  • 3. To accurately inform The Customer of special services, new products, etc.
  • 4. To communicate with The Customer when necessary.
  • 5. To conduct surveys regarding usage and the user environment.

The Sharing and Supply of Information

ITO EN does not sell or lend personal information.

ITO EN provides personal information in the following cases.

  • 1. When receiving consent from The Customer for the release or sharing of information.
  • 2. When the supply or sharing of information is deemed necessary to provide the products and services desired by The Customer.
  • 3. When information is required by a company contracted by ITO EN for the purpose of providing products or services to The Customer (except in the case that ITO EN specifically informs The Customer of such, these companies will not use personal information provided by ITO EN except for the above purposes).
  • 4. When a legal request is made by the courts, police or other public entity.
  • 5. When deemed necessary to protect against the possibility of the actions of The Customer on The ITO EN Homepage damaging the rights, assets or services of ITO EN.
  • 6. When deemed necessary for the protection of the life, physical well-being or assets of an individual and difficulties exist in obtaining the consent of this individual.


For the purpose of protecting The Customer's privacy and security, the registration information of The Customer is protected by password.

Industry-standard SSL encryption is used for the protection of data as required by ITO EN.

Revision of The ITO EN Homepage Privacy Policy

ITO EN may in the future revise all or a portion of The ITO EN Homepage Privacy Policy. In this event, notification of all revisions will be made on this page.


  1. 1. In the event damages are caused by the any of the events below despite ample precautions taken by ITO EN, ITO EN will bear no responsibility.
    (1). Damages occurring during system interruptions, delays, stoppages, etc., resulting from malfunctioning communication lines or computers.
    (2). Damages resulting from tampering of The ITO EN Homepage.
    (3). Damages resulting from unauthorized data access.
  2. 2. ITO EN does not guarantee that the email and The ITO EN Homepage contents sent from The ITO EN Homepage server domain, etc., do not contain computer viruses or other harmful data, etc.
  3. 3. While ITO EN occasionally provides information and advice to The Customer, it bears no responsibility for these actions.

  4. 4. ITO EN may change or remove all or a portion of The ITO EN Homepage at its own discretion.