About ITO EN

Marketing Strategy

The foundation of our marketing strategy—“Giving shape to the customer’s feedback”

“Always Putting the Customer First”

"Always Putting the Customer First" is the ITO EN Group's management principle, representing the fact that the foundation of business management at ITO EN is our commitment to placing improtance on each and every customer. We regard everyone involved with the ITO EN Group as our customer, Customers mean consumers, retailers, suppliers, shareholders, financial institutions and local communities and we earnestly strive to address our customers' needs through the opinions and requests we receive, and by always using the perspective of our customers as the foundation of our management strategies. At the ITO EN Group, we currently have a long-term vision of aiming to become a "Global Tea Company." To achieve this objective, we commit ourselves to further growth through the concerted efforts of all of our employees in japan and overseas by such means as strengthening the domestic profit base, improving the collective brand capabilities of the Group, and creating synergies, as well as expanding overseas business and establishing new growth areas.

Concept for product development

At ITO EN, we value natural blessings and continue to provide their delicious flavors to customers in the form of beverages.With the aim of single-mindedly serving our customers and adding elegance and health to people's daily lives,we continue to take on the challenge of creating "natural,""healthy,""safe,""well-designed,"and"delicious"products,and pursue new possibilities.

Being rooted in the community and listening to the voices of customers

ITO EN's marketing capabilities are derived from its route sales system. The tasks of each of the approximately 4,000 employees who are engaging in sales and distribution range from providing descriptions of ITO EN's products and conducting sales negotiations to delivering the products, all on their own. In their sales activities, they place importance on contact with customers, responding meticulously to the various requirements of retailers according to business categories. This system gives us a distinct advantage, as it allows us to collect and grasp the market information from perspectives that are closer to those of customers. In this way, we are developing our sales activities in an efficient manner throughout Japan to provide a wide variety of products offered in different sizes by using the latest information obtained on site. ITO EN has built a framework under which employees negotiate business deals widely through the community-based sales system of route sales , corporate sales to major companies, and distribution sales for convenience stores and supermarkets. Furthermore, ITO EN has been developing specialty stores in department stores, airports etc., based on another framework under which we can grasp market movements in real time (number of specialty stores nationwede:211). As a community-based company, ITO EN creates value in partnerships with local communities through its business. The "Making Japan Beautiful Through Tea" and "Making Lake Biwa Beautiful Through Tea" projects are the activities directly connected to our business. These projects aim at learning with the people in the local communities and promoting water conservation and other measures to preserve the natural environment and regional culture.

ITO EN's Business Model

In-house structure that supports integrated production processes from crude tea to products

In order to deal promptly with a variety of issues, a framework is in place that enables close cooperation among the departments in charge of sales, management, production, and research and development. sssssssss

ITO EN's Business Model